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Coffee infused state.

I am a tea drinker.
I even have a tea song that I sing when I want a cup of tea.


I drink a lot of tea at home mostly because I love tea and partly because we don’t have a coffee machine at home. I don’t know how to make a latte.

A good cup of English Breakfast tea with trim milk- no sugars, will get you thank yous that echo around the universe.

This will also be how the aliens find the planet Earth.
They do not come in peace.
The only person shouting thankyou will be me.

I only drink coffee at cafes.
Trim latte with 1-3 sugars mood dependent.
I do not have it often.
Even if the thought of cafes will me up with glee.
They have cake.
I would marry cake.

I had a coffee today.
I can not sleep.
I usually fall asleep quickly, easily and deeply.
Case and point- I was helping a good friend move and I fell asleep on her matress for an hour.
3 people were trying to wake me up in that hour. All at once.

So what does my coffee infused brain decide to do?
Write a blog post about a coffee induced sleepless state.

xo Mel who is painting a table.

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Cereal People.

I am not a cereal person.
I do not like cereal.

The only times I will eat cereal is if it is with Yoghurt.
The last time I ate Cereal-Yoghurt I threw up in Jed’s father’s car.
Nothing quite makes a lasting impression than throwing up in your boyfriend’s father’s expensive car!
For the record, I am a neat vomiter. It doesn’t splatter and I usually have a plastic bag ready to catch.

I have beef with cereal. Beef.

People who don’t instantly gravitate towards anything chocolate would choose a ‘healthy’ alternative.
I have beef with that too.

Bread is best.

Before you ask, yes Jed eats cereal.
He will eat the whole box of nutrigrain and a whole 2 litres of milk when he feels like it.
I smother my bread in basil pesto just in case he’s still peckish.
He hates the smell and I turkeygulp it down.

I would like cereal a whole lot more if it came with chilli.


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Once upon a time-

Once upon a time there was a man called Jed.
Jed had recently moved to a new university.
He knew a few people there but not a lot.
As it turns out, out of all of the students that studied at that university, Mel and Jed’s friend circle crossed.
The first time he saw this Jellyfish princess she had her eyes shut to the world.
His heart ached and he yearned to see a smile grace her features.
They spent many long nights at the library chatting away.
When they weren’t talking in person, they were talking over the internet, over the phone, always always talking.
All around them their friends asked if they were dating, how great a couple they would be.
Mel laughed it off, she didn’t know that she was in love with Jed.
She insisted that he was like a big brother to her.
Jed had a better idea of his feelings.

It occurred one evening when Mel realised that she never wanted Jed to leave her side.
How right this was, her dancing the night away in his arms.
Him holding her close.
She told him that she is in love with him and he said that he is with her.

From that time on HE WAS/IS STUCK WITH HER.
Stuck with a girl who loves to meow!

Mel might be the ‘insane’ one but she questions Jed’s sanity for being willing to spend time with her.


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