Cereal People.

I am not a cereal person.
I do not like cereal.

The only times I will eat cereal is if it is with Yoghurt.
The last time I ate Cereal-Yoghurt I threw up in Jed’s father’s car.
Nothing quite makes a lasting impression than throwing up in your boyfriend’s father’s expensive car!
For the record, I am a neat vomiter. It doesn’t splatter and I usually have a plastic bag ready to catch.

I have beef with cereal. Beef.

People who don’t instantly gravitate towards anything chocolate would choose a ‘healthy’ alternative.
I have beef with that too.

Bread is best.

Before you ask, yes Jed eats cereal.
He will eat the whole box of nutrigrain and a whole 2 litres of milk when he feels like it.
I smother my bread in basil pesto just in case he’s still peckish.
He hates the smell and I turkeygulp it down.

I would like cereal a whole lot more if it came with chilli.


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2 thoughts on “Cereal People.

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    • Hello spam,
      Considering that I am bored I will answer you.
      I don’t like facebook games.
      There I said it.
      Cityville, what’sinville, paininthearseville are boring.
      They do not have Jellyfish in them.
      No Jellyfish? No play.
      Want to make a game that will be certain I will play?
      Make sure it has a Jellyfish God (ME.), cake, killing things.
      Oh and tea.
      That’s right spam. Go be useful and make me a cup of tea.


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