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Do you ever wonder what Mel does in her university lectures?

Most of the time it looks something like this-

Mel had a good day today.
All sorts of Jelly Cow blessed!

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Pity party for 1. Welcome to join. It’s still going on. MEL SPEAKS MELLISH DAMMIT.


Ever wonder what my gavator?Gadvator? Picture-y thing actually is apart from lots of tentacles? (Tentacools look way better.)


I am crowning PRINCESS JED.

He is my royal fiance after all.

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The death of Gloria the Jellyfish.

This actually happened.
I mourn you still Gloria the Jellyfish.


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MAI FEET and CAKE FOAM. That’s right people. C-A-K-E F-O-A-M.

Mel is a crazy Jellyfish and everything must be perfect.
Shoes that have a hidden sanitary compartment of cakefoam?


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Do you know what this is? NEW IDEA.


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A cycle.

My trip to university today will be short.
A quick in and out.
This is a mental compensation for the fact that I do not want to go.

This is where I have been.
At university.
Freaking out.
Trying not to freak out.
A endless cycle.
Desperate not to repeat last year.

I will only spend an hour and a half at uni today.
At the most.

I have forced chosen to attend a body course.
How to eat, what to eat.
It seems silly, here I am a 20 year old, third year at university and I have no idea how to eat.
I do not like eating.
This has caused problems.

Lunch today is simply carbohydrates, tea and pills.
My blood sugar needs to spike upwards if I am going to have to leave the house.

Pictures being drafted.

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