Chocolate grizzly bear for once it’s not Jed.

Easter is a danger holiday.
All holidays are dangerous.
The candy aisle is even more so.

Easter contains chocolate.
With Jed is gone, it means that the chocolate monster is rampant.
It also means that I can’t be bothered to shave my legs.
Not that I shave my legs much in the first place.
What can I say?
I’m a blubbering hairy white chick and I’m okay with that.
(It helps when you are blubbering hairy white chick on /vacation/.)

Recently I had a dream where I patented an idea for M and M deodorant.
Yes, M and M candy.
Actually it was edible deodorant and it had whole m and m pieces in it.

Someone stop giving the angry chocolate monster chocolate!
I may have just finished eating another chocolate easter egg.

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3 thoughts on “Chocolate grizzly bear for once it’s not Jed.

  1. Okaaay .. first breathe. Now, how much chocolate exactly have you eaten? You should probably call someone, do you have a friend close by who could come over and see you through the comedown? this sounds like Easter meltdown stages to me. What was Jed thinking, leaving you alone at such a dangerous time? It’s like, he doesn’t know women at all. šŸ™‚

    • Too much, waaay too much.
      As a person with an eating disorder I have no clue what a ‘healthy’ meal is. Either I binge or starve. That’s basically it. As ‘recovery’ I’m sort of meant to ignore the voices and it feels like I’m just binging all of the time.
      With chocolate? I /love/ chocolate. Like any women would.
      I know right! He could be here, eating all my chocolate, getting yelled at by the said eating of all of my chocolate AND he gets the added joy of blaming me for the weight all of the chocolate puts on.

      (I was certain, that you had a blog? But when I click your link all it shows is the standard template? I remember reading something about you wanting a girl? I’m pretty sure it was you because I remember going “HER BLOG NAME HAS A FISH!”. )

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