All my head goes is JEDJEDJED.

It is sunday night.
Jed gets back on Tuesday afternoon.
Tuesday its self will be spent tramping out to the airport.
So that just leaves tomorrow.

I’ve been depressed. In bed for about a week straight. Not doing anything. I know that I should be trying but I can’t bring myself to motivate myself to.

So thinking post today it will be.
I wrote this after an incident with a less than kind neighbour.


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4 thoughts on “All my head goes is JEDJEDJED.

  1. I think it’s normal to be closer to our Mums, my Dad was almost taught to be more distant. Mum was the carer, he out earning the bread. I’m glad things have changed, in my house at least, Hubby is as involved as I am most days.
    We hope to raise our boys to have respect for themselves and others, two phrases used in our house that should demonstrate where as parents, we stand if you like “if you can’t think of anything nice to say, then shush!” and “If you’re not touching your little brother with love, then don’t touch him!”. Good manners and fellow respect, there’s no excuse for not teaching your kids that.
    Not long now until your man gets back!

    • I’m glad as well that he’s an active part. My mum’s dad was like that too. Aloft. She never really knew he cared until she went overseas for Uni. He used to send her letters all of the time. She was the envy of the hostel just for that reason.
      It’s not the fact that he was taught to be more distant, he was just so wrapped up in his own life & whores that he didn’t really get involved. Unless we pissed him off then fury rained down upon us.
      Ahh, the sign of a good mother. We need more of you out there.
      Teaching your kids self control? Swoon!
      One thing I’m set on teaching my future spawn is to be understanding. If someone comes at you with harsh words, take a breath and try to understand where they are coming from.
      I think that if they did that then they’ll be more hesitant to retort back with anger.
      Stand up for yourself but be understanding.

      I know!! Ahhhh!! I can’t wait. My cat is getting sick of being his snuggle replacement.

  2. Katie

    I have the opposite problem with my girls… I need to teach them to stand up for themselves but I’m a poor example for them there. I’m the classic doormat and I want better for my girls. They react as I do to harsh (and undeserved) words and actions which is to apologize profusely for things we didn’t do and bend over backwards to make happy whoever is being the jerk. They’re overly sensitive to the feelings of other people and will suffer so no one else will have to. It sounds very noble and all that but it’s a terrible way to live.
    How do I teach my girls to stand up for themselves without going too far?
    Kids are hard.

    I hope your man brings you back some I’m-sorry-for-abandoning-you-to-the-spiders cake! 🙂

    • Have you read the ‘Road less travelled’ by M. Scott Peck?
      There is a case that he talks about that sort to relates to you I think.
      ” ‘True.’ He said ‘But it’s also true that you’re pying me forty dollars an hour for your time in here. You have purchased this time and this office space, and because you’ve purchased it, you have a right to it. You’re not a guest. This office, this waiting room and our together are your right. It’s yours. You’ve paid me for this right, so why thank me for what is yours?’
      ‘I can’t believe you really feel that way,’ Rachel exclaimed.
      ‘Then you must believe that I can kick you out of here any time I want to,’ I countered. ‘You must feel that it’s possible for you to come in here some morning and have me tell you, “Rachel, working with you has become a bore. I’ve decided not to see you again. Goodbye and good luck.”- pg 152-3.

      Something that I’ve learnt recently is that only you are responsible for your own feelings. You are not responsible to make anyone happy but yourself. If other people aren’t taking responsibilty for their happiness then it’s not your problem.

      There is another book that I haven’t read yet but my therapist sings praises.
      “I don’t have to make everything all better” by Joy and Gary Lundberg.

      Even better! Doughnuts with fish on them!

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