Jumper wearing is NOT optional.

One of my favourite bloggers said this about keeping a blog.
“The blog is like a baby, you have to feed it two to three times a day or else it will DIE.”
If a blog is like a baby then my baby is starved and malnourished.
Jed states that the whole blog is a baby angle is crap.
/Jed/ is the one screaming and demanding my attention. Throwing tantrums if he doesn’t get his way.
Jokes on him. I throw them right back.

There is a small prepackaged container of his favourite morning drink sitting in the fridge just chilling.
He refuses to drink it because I refuse to tell him where I produced it from.

Am currently back at uni officially which means lot of panic attacks and Jed getting yelled at.
Silly man refuses to wear a jumper.

I have lots of Jed-Mel stories to tell you but need to buckle down and write them out.
-The time Jed mindf**cked me.
-Where I refuse to play his games.
-Jed loses everything including the mental facility to off the lights in the bedroom.
-Bad English from Mel.

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4 thoughts on “Jumper wearing is NOT optional.

  1. Katie

    Please forgive my ignorance but what is a jumper? I know a jumper as either an inflatable house/castle that kids can jump inside of or one of those bucket seat things you suspend from doorways for infants to jump in. Right now I have a wonderfully ridiculous mental image of a grown man stuffed into the tiny seat trailing the suspension cords while walking around a college campus but I’m SURE that’s not what you’d have him doing… 🙂

    • Hee! Love that comment. I’m a Brit and I can confirm that a jumper is also known as a pullover or sweater. Although I prefer Katies translation.

  2. Katie

    OOOOOH!! That makes sense! My terrible little mind went in so many different directions with that one… Thanks for the clarification, weezafish!! 🙂

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