i am not on the bus anymore but the feeling is still there.

Here I am sitting on the bus trying to find a reason of why I didn’t do my lab report over the weekend. I got an extension for it.
I was meant to hand it in on Friday.
But I didn’t do that either.
I didn’t even go to university on friday.
I got told on Wednesday that I might have aspergers or high functioning autism.
In some way its a relief. I always knew that my brain didn’t work the same as other people’s.
the question is what if I am not?
Where does that leave me?
That just means that there is no explanation as to why I am bad at maths.
That just means that the reason I am so bad it is because I have not tried hard enough.
That there is no logical explanation.

My mother is against getting an official diagnosis.
“What does it change?” She asked me.

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2 thoughts on “i am not on the bus anymore but the feeling is still there.

  1. Katie

    It’s not that you’re not trying hard enough, it’s just that math sucks! It took me almost 3 years to fully grasp the concept of fractions… Some people are able to think in terms of numbers and others can not. My cousin is able to understand complex equations without ANY effort at all! But he has trouble in language arts and the intricacies or grammar. It’s just about personal strengths and weaknesses. My brain doesn’t handle numbers well either, Princess, you’re not alone. 🙂

  2. Ew, who wants to be good at Maths anyway? And so what. What are you GOOD at? Loads I’m sure.

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