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i am not on the bus anymore but the feeling is still there.

Here I am sitting on the bus trying to find a reason of why I didn’t do my lab report over the weekend. I got an extension for it.
I was meant to hand it in on Friday.
But I didn’t do that either.
I didn’t even go to university on friday.
I got told on Wednesday that I might have aspergersĀ or high functioning autism.
In some way its a relief. I always knew that my brain didn’t work the same as other people’s.
the question is what if I am not?
Where does that leave me?
That just means that there is no explanation as to why I am bad at maths.
That just means that the reason I am so bad it is because I have not tried hard enough.
That there is no logical explanation.

My mother is against getting an official diagnosis.
“What does it change?” She asked me.

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In so many words I say nothing.

I’m a chemist.
Well, more like a chemistry student.
I’m not sure if I actually have mentioned it before, most like I have but in lots of words.
I’m not a very good chemistry student.
In fact I’m kind of horrible.
Most of the fact comes from I have trouble understand questions.
I like specifics.
Want me to use an equation? Give me the equation then.

All things relating to maths are a bane to my existence.
Physics is not my strong point. I love the concept behind physics, the maths part not so much.

I have a goal.
Basically Jed says to take it as a master’s degree in molecular gastronomy.
Well it’s more than a master’s degree considering it /takes/ a master’s degree to get in.
Or relative experience.
Whatever that entails.

So here is what I am going to do.
– Finish my BSc with Chem as my major.
(I have way too much student loan debt not to finish it off. )
– Maybe get a pastry certificate.
(This will involve maybe two years of study.)
– Advanced cooking level 5 diploma. They have a molecular gastronomy optional block.
(I have no idea the requirements that I must have for this. At least another year.)
– Learn French.
(A mission and a half in itself.)

Oh and somehow cancel most of my debt before I go off to France.

And after I have gone to France and done all of that, my Chemistry mentor (who is basically like my YODA.) has told me to invite him to the opening of my restaurant.

It’s taken me a long long time to come up with even a plan for my future.
I also have a habit of placing unrealistic expectations on myself.
Seriously, I managed to con myself into thinking that I could play a grade 8 piece on the piano if only I practised hard enough.
The most piano playing experience I have had was when I did it for a couple of lessons when I was like 10.
Things like that are typical of me.

Jed has decided to build his own AMAZING COMPUTER OF THE FUTURE.
My ears hurt.
On the plus side, need help building your computer? I can help.


My current item of swoonage.
Rotary Evaporator.
It might be $3000-4000.
Anyone want to help?
I can give you tea infused vodka as a payment.

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