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kitchen porn is what keeps me sane.

Jed has left.
Actually he has left about 6 days ago.
The first thing I did after I waved him goodbye was to go to the nearest kitchen appliance shop and look at all of the things I couldn’t afford.

I want to buy a kitchen aid.
This ‘wanting’ may include a grand total of ┬áno less than 5 kitchen aid mixers.
Yes, that is right. Five.
One was never going to be enough.
I could use them in my budding currently non-existent cupcake/food company I told myself. Clearly if I was going to do that then I needed more than one.
The problem was the fantastical range of colours .
Black was an obvious choice.
It’s the colour I wear the most.

I have decided on the GLASS bowl with this one.
It’s my staple colour.
I like black.

Obviously I am having more than one.
Cream or white?
Both are colours that I wear often and that I like.









Then I saw this most gorgeous light pistachio green.
It was a suave italian.
“Hello La mia stella brillante! lo scoper├▓ fuori dai vostri piedi~*”

That brings me up to a total of four.
I detest the number four.
I loathe it.
I prefer using the term ‘3b’ as a replacement.
The number four is too perfect.
Too symmetrical.
It’s fake.
The plastic blonde bimbo that is ‘popular’. Plastically fake.
I hate things in groups of four**.
There is no way that I would stop at just having four kitchen aids.
So FIVE it is.

I just can’t decide on the last colour. Not so surprisingly this might also the colour palette of my future house.

Jed’s father gave me a new phone. It’s more like Jed’s father gave JED a new phone and Jed told him to give it to me.
You see before that I have had the same phone for 5 years straight.
This is unheard of for a teenage girl.
I like decorating things.

*I take no responsibility for what will happen to you if you say this as a pick up line nor do I take responsibility how accurate it is.
**This applies to everything. If I have two child then get pregnant with twins? You can bet your pretty pixel arse I will have another one.

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