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i am not on the bus anymore but the feeling is still there.

Here I am sitting on the bus trying to find a reason of why I didn’t do my lab report over the weekend. I got an extension for it.
I was meant to hand it in on Friday.
But I didn’t do that either.
I didn’t even go to university on friday.
I got told on Wednesday that I might have aspergersĀ or high functioning autism.
In some way its a relief. I always knew that my brain didn’t work the same as other people’s.
the question is what if I am not?
Where does that leave me?
That just means that there is no explanation as to why I am bad at maths.
That just means that the reason I am so bad it is because I have not tried hard enough.
That there is no logical explanation.

My mother is against getting an official diagnosis.
“What does it change?” She asked me.

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