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Political spewl from a pancake ruiner screaming jellyfish.

I might have accidentally lost my journal.
I am very good at losing things.
If I had superpowers it would be one of mine.
It’s not so much as lost more like infinitely misplaced.
I inherited it from my mother.
She is infamous in our house for putting her car keys in the fridge.
JED is even better at losing things than I am.
He is constantly asking me where things are.
“Where is the remote?”
“Behind you.”
“Where is your drink bottle?”
“Behind you.”
“Where are the house keys?”
“On the drink bottle. Which is behind you.”
“Where is my eftpos card?”
“In your pocket. On your jeans. Behind you.”
And so it goes on.

Currently he has gotten me to make pancakes for him.
He’s been bugging me at midnight for the last two nights to make him some then and there.
He hates eating breakfast in the morning.
So guess what I am doing?
Making him pancakes IN THE MORNING.

Usually the first pancake I make is the only dud.
I screwed up three.
I was way too busy prancing around the house screaming at the top of lungs about the grades I got for the first two assignments.
4/4 and 9/10.
We are studiously ignoring the fact that the next assignment after that I got 17/40.
It was all about lewis diagrams-y things which for the life of my I still don’t get.
5 years later from when I first learnt it.
It’s taken a long time to exist within MELNATION.

Did I mention that it takes me over an hour to make a batch of pancakes?
I’m a perfectionist.
Perfect pancakes are a bitch.
I hate the brown burnt butter in the pan.
All of my pancakes are cooked on low heat and flipped to perfection.
Secret is butterbutterbutter.
Even my pancake recipe calls for butter.

We get free newspapers at my university.
It’s quite nice.
Also dangerous.
It gives me more reasons to dislike our prime minster.

Do you see what I mean? He just sits there smiling.
Granted he is a multi millionaire.
50 million dollars millionaire.

He wants to screw around with my student loan.

I am a part-time student. At the moment this is all I can do whilst trying to mentally gain stability.

How is reducing the amount of students getting tertiary            education going to help in the recession?
Making it hard to get financial support is not the answer.
In particular when he says things like  this –
“That is about the only thing that will get [young people] out of bed before seven o’clock at night to vote, but it’s not politically sustainable to put interest back on student loans.”

I voted.
Before 7 o’clock I might add.
What I didn’t do was to vote for YOU John key.

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